15 December 2011

Positivity, The “LOA”, & Spirituality

First of all I want welcome every new reader of this blog! Thank you for your visits, love & support. Spiritual Bliss to you all!

Now, to the point:

It is exceedingly difficult to understand why there are some basic cognitive and spiritual ways of doing things that certain religions reject. It seems that it is not the actual belief that is rejected so much as it is the vehicle for transporting the belief that is rejected. Prophets and saints were ordinary people until other men deemed them so, but they always knew.

The mind is an amazing thing. We see the power of it in so many ways. There is no spirituality or religion without the mind. As we see religions wanting to bring more people together or into their folds of followers it seems to me that it would be beneficial to lead by example. Do we show the love and compassion that we have been taught to show?
There is nothing contradictory in the “law of attraction”, as I can see, to my faith. Yet I hear many of Christian faith saying otherwise. Whether the law of attraction is a proven “law” it is a way of explaining what we are bid to live out daily. It is a theory that works, it is a process and function of a right mindset that works. Most of us know this.

Like attracts like. I said once “If you don’t believe it works, look behind the TV, the dust bunnies say otherwise.”
The whole premise is, in giving positivity you get positivity back. In giving a smile, generally you will get one. Spiritually this is exactly how we should be. It is how we want to be, in joy and in happiness. Giving positive to receive positive. You get what you give. Reap what you sow. In order to get what you want you need to ask. Then you need to believe it to receive it. This really is the same concept as what we are told about God, is it not? When we receive that which is good we are to be grateful and give thanks.  To be grateful for all that is good. That is part of it too.

The Bible says we should do unto others. Unless we are truly evil, we would want people to be kind, generous, helpful, happy and positive so that is what we should give. Is this not the lesson of Job? If they are not responding in kind the bible does not say go in there and crush them like rock against rock to sand that they should turn to dust and be blown away in the wind.

Is it the healing that can occur when the mind is in right thought? Does that becomes the sticking point for some religions or churches? I know that miracles happen,I know that we are a part of that every day. I know that prayer works. But I also know that one must be open to the miracles of health, wellness and the recovery of mind, body and soul and believe that it can work before it will. That right there is the “law of attraction”, it is right thinking, it is an open heart and mindfulness or as it is interpreted in eastern culture “heart”fullness.

For so long we have, as a civilization, walked down the path of negativity, criticizing, chastising, lying, condemning, judging and controlling. If we go back to Eden for a moment, to the moment before there was mind, knowledge to know the difference between right and wrong, positive and negative, when we lived in bliss. Wasn’t it mind that God gave us when Adam ate the apple? Wasn’t it his wrath at not coming together as one that divided Babylon? Wasn’t it mind that went on to sin, to the negative, that brought us down this road of injury and illness and dis-ease? Prior to that we were in bliss. Don’t you think in bringing our souls back to all that is good, all that is positive all that is healing and loving that we are coming back to one faith? The Bible says,  ”I am the way the truth and the light.” and ” I am the light of the world.”  It did not say for just one land or for one kingdom but for the whole world.

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