28 December 2012

Looking back on 2012

It’s a good idea to look back and reflect on the year that’s just coming to an end;

  1. What are you grateful for?
  2. What made you happy?
  3. What energized you?
  4. What barrier did you overcome?
  5. What changed you?
  6. What triggered your creativity?
  7. What deepened your spirituality?
  8. What kindness did you experience?
  9. What did others do for you?
  10. What inspired you?
  11. What made you feel good?
  12. What difficulty taught you an important lesson?
Gratitude is a mind state that leads to happiness and contentment. So, it’s good to go forward into the new year with a grateful heart. We can get caught up in negative emotions, like resentment or anger. But such emotions are destructive and painful for you as well as for others. So whenever you notice that you’re energy is getting negative, just ask yourself: "What and who am I grateful for? It always works for me! Going to continu my journey next year and make it even better!
Wishing you all the best for the year 2013! Best of luck, health, love & light to you all!
Love & light! ♥ 


08 December 2012

Bless my online friends!

Speaking out my gratitude, for all my dear online friends. So blessed to have been connected with you!

Love & light!
xxx Sabine

More Gratitudes ♥

Good afternoon positive peeps,

Another day to be thankful for all my blessings! 
To sum up;

Repetition of the Ensemble went very well
Tommorow we will be judged on our performance, very excited!
Things are getting better @ Work
Christmas is coming! Holiday Cheer, love it!
Christmas Vacation is coming, so we have some free time together!
Got my new Galaxy Note, so making all kinds of cool Quote Pics for my page 
Re decorating our house, AND getting a Christmas Tree today yeehaw!

Well that is it for now, of course can think of a few more things, but really got to be getting going, but the tree, and decorate it together with our son. Going to be loads of fun.

Have a blessed night everyone!



02 December 2012

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter

The autumn is now
covered road with leaf
and I see orange color in every tree is not hot or cold
I still can feel my finger
because its not winter
where every snow freeze your bone
This is autumn
I`m in love and mellow
I`m in love and broken
eat my marshmallow
which I baked on the fire
drink that milk
which I serve it from last year This is my autumn
I`m not drink any wine
because I`m still too young
I`m not eat any turkey
cause I don`t want to be fat
and I don`t like it taste
The autumn is over
they clean up the road from the leaf
there are beer and ginger cake
instead of turkey and wine
good bye autumn
And welcome for winter
say hello to Mr and Mrs snow
this is your chance
to freeze us for well

Beautiful Rainbow, thanks Lee!

Few days ago I was sitting @ home and I saw this picture getting posted by my dear friend Lee Ann. Stunning picture, she was sitting in the train, and spotted this beautiful Rainbow! Thank you my dear friend, for letting me use this picture for my Blog. XXX

Wishing you all a blessed day! Despite of the rain, it is going to be an awesome day again, just for the fact that we are living our wonderful lives on this amazing planet!


01 December 2012

May God bless you ♥

With bright stars in the sky,
When the way seems dark.
With smiles to cheer you,
When the road seems long.
With sunshine to warm you,
When the world seems cold.
With love to greet you,
When each day is done.

Good night my dear friends.
God bless!