14 December 2011

The 11 Forgotten Laws

  1. The Law of THINKING
  2. The Law of SUPPLY
  3. The Law of ATTRACTION
  4. The Law of RECEIVING
  5. The Law of COMPENSATION
  6. The Law of INCREASE
  7. The Law of NON-RESISTANCE
  8. The Law of FORGIVENESS
  9. The Law of SACRAFICE
  10. The Law of OBEDIENCE
  11. The Law of SUCCES
By looking at the list, perhaps some of the truth of the Universal Laws is coming back to your consciousness. I must say that I was touched by the Law of Forgiveness. There is an old saying that goes "He who sets out for revenge should dig two graves." It's a true statement. Having anger and resentment towards anyone or anything has negative consequences that is concentrated more on the bearer of the grudge than the object of the anger. When the anger is let go, it allows one to move forward.

There are many glowing testimonials about the The 11 Forgotten Laws, and if you were to read them here you would think it was just another get rich quick course. The truth is the increased income of these individuals is a consequence of living a better life. It's easier to play the game once you know what the rules (laws) are. One of the 11 Forgotten Laws is the The Law of Attraction, which means when you expect more and you have more you will get more. If you are a positive person, you will attract positive people in your life.

Sometimes in life, we need to give ourselves a checkup from the neck up. The 11 Forgotten Laws will help you do just that. It will change your way of thinking, and once you change your way of thinking to a more positive aspect, good things will happen for you.

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