15 December 2011

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking will get you a whole lot farther than negativity. Everyone experiences less than happy situations from time to time. Our job is not to linger in negative territory. Focus on optimism and choose happiness. Remember "Like Attracts Like" is a rule of the Law of Attraction. Do you want attract more negatives, or attract more positives? Be happy!

Choosing Happiness
It's Actually Your Choice 
You can choose to be happy instead of waiting around for it to suddenly appear out of nowhere one day and land in your lap. Happiness is called upon and cultivated.

Random Affirmations
Affirm Yourself 
Whoever invented "the stickie note" must have known the stickiness of our thoughts. Are you thinking positive? Why not write out a postive affirmation on a stickie and post it on your bathroom mirror.

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