16 December 2011

The Miracle of Love and Harmonious Living

Harmonious living occurs when your heart chakra is open and accepting. I spent time with The Barefoot Doctor who presents the ancient Tao in a universally comprehensible and fun way. He explained how the miracle of love is key for bringing into your life the people and things you want. In fact, whatever you desire comes to you through other people. You must be open, accepting, and loving to live in harmony with the Universe. You’ll always get what you want, but it’ll come to you through other people. When you live in love, your life becomes a puzzle of perfectly placed pieces.

I was looking to get a video interview with an acupuncturist. All I needed was a person willing to be my model as the practitioner demonstrates the therapy. I called a friend to see if she was available. She suggested I speak to her friend who wasn’t having luck with a Western doctor and recently began considering acupuncture. They had just spoken the day before. Her friend agreed to be my model and the very next day my call was returned from the acupuncture clinic and I booked the interview. Everything flowed perfectly for us!

What The Miracle of Love Can Do 

Dr. Masaru Emoto has evidence that suggests that our thoughts and words affect the molecules of water. He and his colleagues typed several words on various pieces of paper and taped it to different glass bottles containing water. He photographed the frozen molecules and saw a change in shape and form depending on the word placed on the bottle. The words Love and Appreciation create a change in the molecular structure as compared to the words You make me sick. I will kill you. He also tested different types of music and names of deceased people including Hitler and Mother Theresa. The molecules of positive influence look much nicer than the ones given negative attention.
This is astounding since our bodies are comprised of 70% water. Our loving thoughts are just as influential as the negative thoughts so start thinking love! It’s also a good idea to send thoughts into the water you drink. Hold the glass of water in your hands and generate feelings of love, prosperity, good health, wealth, etc. Also, write down the words on your water bottles.

Plants and Animals
The energy field of plants change according to its surroundings. The energy field is higher when humans approach them with kindness. The field lowers when approached with anger. They sense vibrations similarly to our pets! I was at a friend’s house and she and her boyfriend began to argue. The dog who was sitting comfortably on the couch snuck away and left the room. Even animals like to be in a peaceful environment!

Scientific evidence shows that babies who are loved develop emotionally and biologically healthier than those who are neglected. Not only will the baby develop better, but the child’s capacity to love in his or her life is directly correlated to how much love the baby is given.

Spiritual Bliss for all you positive people out there! I am glad that we met through our positive messages/inspirations! 

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