20 December 2011

Einstein & the LOA

Einstein’s most famous equation, E = mc2. That equation, written in that form, immediately suggests the possibility of converting small quantities of mass into large quantities of energy - a suggestion that was realized, of course, with the development of nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. It is worth noting, however, that this is not the way the equation appears in Einstein’s original paper. Read on to discover the law of attraction & einstein.

In that paper you do not find E = mc2, but rather m = E/c2. The difference is trivial algebraically, but profound conceptually, for the second (original) form of the equation suggests something quite different: the possibility to derive mass from energy. It shows that from the beginning, Einstein was thinking about questioning the foundations of fundamental physics, not making bombs.

 He wanted to explain the existence of mass, of matter; simply put our entire existence.

There are different forces that govern our universe scientifically. Examples of two of these forces are the force of gravity which holds planets together, and electromagnetic force, which hold tiny particles like atoms together.

Our focus, or put in other words “the law of attraction”, simply agrees with the universal forces described above. Mental focus is the energy which binds particles of matter. You see, we understand matter is not made of anything really. Rather just mass-less “things” held together.

At the sub atomic level, nothing can be proven of where particles will end up when a “random” collision of particles strike each other. There are infinite possibilities of where the particles of the collision will end up. When particles are forced to collide together, in the same way repeatedly through experiment, they always end up at the end result intended by the scientists. (Young’s famous double slit experiment)

This means that by tuning our focus to some sort of object or experience we literally create the ‘matter’ by our intentions. This is done by drawing the energy which binds things together, purely by our focus on the “object of our intentions” Remember matter is nothing, it really is nothing. Simply the things we touch taste, feel and smell are just energy bound by a force of where mass-less particles are intended to be.

Einstein was right all along; his intentions may have swayed for the application of his law. None the less, mass is simply made of ‘nothing’ held together by something we can not even see, only feel. It is simply things held together by a force. This again agrees with everything the world is made up of. Even the thought you are having right now, it weighs nothing, and it is nothing however it provides you with a feeling.

Simply put, create all the mass or matter you want. By using your focus have fun joining bits of nothing together that will give you a great feeling! And enjoy the use of absolute unlimited energy needed to bring anything into existence.

Albert Einstein

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