29 October 2012

♥ My Gratitudes Today ♥

Good morning positive people!

Of course, also today I will speak out my gratitudes. I have such a lot to be grateful for, for instance;

Our beautiful son
This season full of surprises
My progress in Self-Improvement
My good intentions for coming months
My follow up on my good intentions
Bought a new CD of a great Accordeon Ensemble
My & my Families Health
My Growing Awareness
I still hold my job for 11 months now, awesome!
(especially in these though times)

Right! Going to get ready to pick up my son in an hour and still got lots to do, so signing off for this morning. I want to thank you for reading this post and wish you all a lovely day @ High Frequency! Namaste! xxx

In ♡ with gratitude

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