01 October 2012

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I CHOOSE with Open Mind and Open Heart. 
I alone am the MASTER of my ship of life.
I am a Paradox - a Duality - and yet an Entirely Unified ME.
I am a Passionate Observer of Life.
I am ME - I am not my attachments, my possessions, or the people in my life.
I am responsible for my thoughts, my beliefs, and my actions.
I choose not to project my past onto my future.
I choose to create a joyful story in THIS moment.
I choose to feel supremely happy at this very moment.
I come to life with an Open Mind, Clean Hands, and a Loving Heart.
I create a new and more loving story to surround each event in my past.
I honor everyone and honor all points-of-view.
I Listen to the Heartbeat of Life.
I love, without condition, myself, all those around me, and all those in my thoughts, this day and evermore.
I question my questions.
I serve others by living happily, and radiating happiness and joy to those around me.
My Mind Sparks; My Soul Sparkles.
I Honor Diversity.
I allow life to wash over me.
I say that Today is a Perfect Day.
Everyone I Love Becomes My Family.
I choose to enjoy people as I enjoy a rainbow or a butterfly - granting them their freedom.
Time is my friend.
Joy is my choice. I choose joy in every moment.
I Make Free-Will Choices.
I recognize that the person I was in my past is not the person I am today.
I choose never to be a prisoner of urgency.
Like a Cat, I am Independent, Patient, Alert, and Decisive. 
When the time is right, I pounce on opportunity.
Like a Chameleon, I Adapt to Changing Circumstances.
Like a Dolphin, I am Graceful, Powerful, and Compassionate.
Like a Manatee, I am Peaceful, Respectful, Gentle, Kind, and Self-Healing.
Like an Owl, I am Alert, Patient, and Objective.

Self Improvement Affirmation

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