08 October 2012

Dear Fans...

Let me introduce myself;

I am Sabine. I am 35 years old, married, with 1 beautiful son. I work at a callcenter and my hobbie is playing the Accordeon I started this page A few years ago, when a acuintince of mine told/showed me about the Law of Attraction. I was immediately intreged. My life wasn't going the way I wished it to be, so I started paying attention to daily events/interactions with my friends, people @ work etc. And what I could do, to make that crucial change.

Funny that I noticed...that the Law of Attraction, in fact was very real! I was amazed by the effect of applying positive energy in something negative and get positive results! The most important things I began to realize, is that negative input ALWAYS results in negative output. It attracts it. Of course with LOA this also is the case with positive energy. Also, started to notice how people who where always complaining, indeed had a shitty life. And people who where positive, always have a good life. So mind blowing. I really found myself during that periode. Today, I still make an effort of approaching things with bundles of positivity and that is still working out for me just fine! 

On this page I collect positive quotes, affirmations and posts from my Blog or PicBadge. (my thought of the day & affirmation badges 4 profile/page pictures) and funny, beautiful videos of things I discover. So sharing my positive thoughts & reading your wonderful messages daily, I wanted to introduce myself, so every fan on this page, knows who they are dealing with mostly on a daily basis :-)

I also want to take the time to thank you all very much for the love and support on this page. I love my Facebook Family! Bless you all! Hoping on even more interaction with you in the future.

Have an awesome day, till next time!

Love, Hugs& Kisses,
Sabine @ High Frequency

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