25 October 2012

♢ A Boo-Gram Greeting ♢

Green cats eyes
in midnight gloom
fly with the witch 
on her ragged broom
Ghosts and shadow people
evade our sight. 
None may not see what they might.
We begin our door to door Halloween flight. 
Not knowing our immediate blight 
we bravely approach your door and RING……
TRICK OR TREAT!! We say with a strong and mighty grin. 
Candy and little toys we hope to gain 
from this daring plan imagined in these little brains.
BOOOOO!! We are greeted as a scary hand 
extends to our goodie sacks. 
The lights go black, we stagger back!!
Screams explode, others jump!! 
Dogs howl and unfriendly things give us a bump.
It’s Halloween! The voice screams as 
we dump out our goodie sacks and run. 

So keep the goodies and


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