28 October 2012

Explanation Numbers of the Angels (61/90 of 999)

Stay positive and keep hoping towards your material needs, so you manifest a slow afflux. Give fear & worries to the Spirit to let them heal & transform. Your thoughts have power, so watch over them and focus only on your wishes.

Have faith in the world. Keep believing in the good of people, eventhough it sometimes seems like their not. Be assured that the Universe supports you in material matters, for now, and forever.

The illuminated masters (like Jesus) help you with earthly causes. You can help the earth move on to the Golden Age by; prayer, affirmations & godly light energy.

Angels in heaven and on earth help you with material support. They make sure you are being provided in your needs, especially when you concentrate on the spiritual path. The more grateful you are towards the Angels, the more you are open for the "help-stream." 

Expect a change on material matters, for example a move or a new job. Is is a good change, eventhough it doesn't flow right in the very beginning.

Keep your thoughts on heaven in this period and don't worry excessively or work on material matters.

There is a balance between your path of bondage and your material matters. You apply your spiritual wisdom to help the earth and it's inhabitants.

You materialezid the cornucopia. Keep the " stream" moving by giving money the charities you really believe in. Open your arms & grateful heart to receive. The more you allow yourself to receive, the more means you have at your desposal to help others.

This number refers to balance, like in Yin Yang. Balance your comfort & material matters by spending much positive energy in both. When you are fully commited to your godly purpose, you will be provided in all you wants & needs.

This is a message from the creator that you are on the right track. Keep your balance by praying & meditating. 

Keep your positive thoughts & ideas. Don't let people or things/events keep you away from your true intentions.

Have faith in the path you are taking and follow up on it. Your optimism is valid! The Kabbalists distinguish 72 names for God and that is why this number indicates your obvious connection with the Creator.

The illuminated masters tell you, you are on the right track. They want you to know, that they will help you with everything you do. Ask them for help if you need it.

The Angels say your choices, are the right ones. Keep walking your path and call on the Angels if you are weakening.

This is a change for the better. You have made the right decision(s) eventhough you don't know how everything is going to end. Keep going!

You are not the right track and are being provided in your material needs for the future. Give all earthly worries to the Spirit and stay open to receive.

Congratulations! You are mentally & physically on the right track! Hold yourself to your intentions and stand your ground!

You are on the right track and are going to receive prosperity aplenty. What you plant, you will harvest.   You listened to your inner calling and put energy and effort into it. You are now benefitting from your right choices & actions.

You commited yourself to holy services and are walking the right path to make your life purpose a great success.

The Creator gives you much prosperity, not because he wants to reward you, but because this arises by cause and consequence. Because you worked, with the help of Light, on the prosperity of others, it can shine more and more Light on you.

Focus your positive thoughts on prosperity . Keep your faith and keep calm and know that the source of everything is in you. You are now at the point, that when you think about money, it manifests immediately.

Trust you will always have enough money to provide in your material needs. This will happen in a staggering & creative way. So let go of your worries about how to make ends meet.

Your cornucopia accelerates by your spiritual band with the illuminated masters. Pray & meditate to these masters., who guide you on your path and continuous flow in your life.

The Angels help you with your "cash-flow" problems. Call on them for advice on material & money matters.

Your financial state is getting a little better. Stay thankfull and be prepared with joy in your heart in giving as well as receiving. 

Give material worries over to the Spirit. Heaven is throwing you new cornucopia in your lap. Make sure that the gifts and blessings on your path are fully noticed & thankfully received.

The path you are taking keeps the stream of cornucopia moving. Life is good in most ways and you discoverd a rich source by tuning in & following up on your inner callings.

Great cornucopia is part of you. It flows rapidly in your direction. Be grateful and be sure that the flow reaches other people who need it too. 

You are helped with your life purpose in every way. You are supported by the Universe in walking your path.

God supports your holy life purpose. Ask and you will be giving his advice and guidance for your task.

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