15 October 2012

Explanation Numbers of the Angels (30 of 999)

In this post, I wil explain the various signs/numbers of angels that can appear to you throughout your life. Some people recognize them, some don't. The list will help you recognize the numbers/signs of angels shown to you. I will post 30 numbers, sometimes more on a daily basis, because there are a lot of them. (999 to be excact) So stay tuned!

The creator exphasises a message given to you 
and askes you to pay attention and follow up on his advise directly.

De zero holds a connection with a prayer or medation and the comprehensive godly source. God is speaking to you.

This is a binairy number: each number is divisible by 1. 
We are all one, therefor we are all connected by our thoughts.
Beware what you think and direct yourself rather to 
your dreams than on your fears.

Have faith & courage. Your prayers will be heared, 
although you can't see it right now.

The illuminated masters (for example: Jesus) are always with you. 
They answered your prayer and want to help you

There are angels with you. Call on them if you feel in need of 
guidance, advise and feelings of love and security.

This number keeps connection with; 
change, transformation, transmutation & alchemy. 
Good changes are taking place in your life, or are about to happen.

The number 6 holds connection to earth bound things. like; 
possession, earthly occasions and touchable things. 
Make sure that thoughts or worries about material 
matters are in balance by your concentrated being 
and your believes in the spiritual world.

You are on the right track! Keep going!

Financial independencyis coming your way.

Your divine life purpose means you are serviceable by your inborn talents, passions & interests.

Your receive directions from God through; thought, ideas, insights 
or untroubled knowledge. (you don't know how this information gets to you) 
Stay positive towards the messages you receive.

Pay attention to reccuring thoughts and ideas, because they are the answer 
to your prayers. This number indicates a very creative person that needs to avoid
addictive behaviour.

Trust the spirit speaks to you by thought, ideas and insights that 
help you improve your life, or the lifes of others.

The illuminated masters ask you to stay positive and give them all your 
fears and doubts, so that they can heal them transmutate them. 
This number also refers to the holy female, the goddess, and the intuitive.

The angels help you to make your positive thoughts, 
affirmations and visualizations come true.

Keep changing & lifting your thoughts. 
Use affirmations and prayers to help you rise above negative thoughts & feelings.

Your thoughts create your reality. 
So cherish only positive thoughts and expectations towards material matters,
and all your needs will be accomplished.

You are on the right track with your thoughts.
You have god reasons to be optimistic about your plans en the road you are walking.
This powerful and holy number also represents the holy Trinity& Pyramids.

Think only of copiousness and prosperity, 
because your thoughts are manifesting very quickly at the moment.

Stay focussed on helping yourself and others to live a healthier, more peaceful  lifestyle. 
Stay positive & optimistic about your divince life purpose.

The Creator asks you to keep the faith. 
Although you don't see results of your prayers and actions right now,
trust that it will happen for you anyway, of you just have faith.

Be confident and stay positive!
Use your affirmations for support.

Your deep-seated believe manifests miracles and beautiful new opportunities.
Keep faith in yourself and others.

The illuminated masters help you to keep the faith. 
They are with you at the moment en are at your service when you ask them for help.

The Angels help you keep the faith and have courage.
They want to let you know that they are with you now. 
Believe in your angels and in their desire en ability to help you. 

Trust that your life is changing for the better. 
You and your loved-ones are safe & protected during this change.

Trust that all your earthly needs are being provided, now and in the future.
Give material worries to the Spirit and follow the divine advise, 
who calles on you to handle it.

Keep walking the chosen road with trust & confidence.
You are doing the right thing, so keep on going.

Have faith in the cornucopia of the universe. 
Prosperity will manifest if you keep on going. 

Believe in yourself and your divine purpose. 
You are competent and ready and are willing to help others.

God & illuminated masters are here to help you. 
Feel free to ask them for help with everything that brings 
you & your loved-ones peace and helps you on your path.

Allright, these where the first 30 expanations of the Numbers of the Angels. 
Hope you enjoyed the article. Of so, stay tuned for more. 
I will post the next one within 1 day.

Thank you for reading this post! Have an awesome day.
Love, Hugs & XXX
Sabine @ High Frequency

Darling Angel, Sleeping

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