20 October 2012

Explanation Numbers of the Angels (31/60 of 999)

The illuminated masters help to make your thougths more peaceful & loving,
and give you more strength.

Keep believing in your connection with the illuminated masters.
When you turn to them more often, your faith in this connection will grow.

You are surrounded by many illuminated masters and helped in every way.
They have come to help you with your task and answer your prayers.
Tune in to them and ask them all the questions you want to ask them.

There are illuminated masters & angels with you.
Talk to them about your feelings en thoughts and listen to their answers,
which will come to you as reccuring impressions, signs and inner signals.

The illuminated masters ask you to change some things in your spiritual believes,
and empower your realization & strength. Team up with this loving & healing masters,
and let yourself be healed or helped to let go of parts of you
which don't serve you and the light anymore.
The illuminated masters want to help you with your material life,
especially with helping you with your life task
and providing you & your loved-ones with support

You are guided to the right track by the illuminated masters with divine manner.
Turn to them during your meditations and prayers for advise, answers and reassurance.

More cornucopia is coming your way and the illuminated masters
want to reassure you about the financial aspect in your life.
Beware for the repeating messages they will give you by;
Feelings, Words & Images and follow up on them.

The illuminated masters say; “Get to work Lightworker!”
There is much need for your life purpose and they will help you on your path.
Don't wait any longer with performing certain tasks that hold connection to your life purpose.

God and the angels want to let you know that thay are with you and will give you contstant guidance. Grab onto their loving hands and accept the support.

The angels say; “Hold your positive thoughts and think only of love and succes.”
If you do that, love and succes will come into your life.
When you ask them for help the angels are at your service,
to help you choose only positive thoughts.

Your angels ask you to keep faith in yourself and others.
They want to let you know that your prayers have been heard and will be answered.
I f you feel the need, you can ask the angels to grow your trust.

There are angels & illuminated masters present with you, that love & support you.
Silently talk to them about your expectations, dreams and fears, and ask them to help you.
They will always come and help you of you ask them to.

There are a lot of angels with you at the moment. You can ask these angels to help you with everything that gives you and your family peace. You don't have to tell the angels how to change a situation, just ask them to improve it. The divine & infinate wisdom of the Creator will lead you to an ingenious solution.

The angels ask you to directly make some changes in your life.You know yourself, what these changes are. Ask the angels to help you find the courage and strength to aply these changes and know that these changes will eventually be in everyones interest.

The angels want to help you with your material needs, especially when it holds connection to your life purpose and your loved-ones. They can help you with everything, small, big, whichever gives you and your family peace. Just ask them for help.

The angels say you are going a marvelous job and you are on the right track.
They want to let you know that they are with you with everything you do and that they can help you even more, when you ask them for help specifically.

There are a lot of angels with you. Know that there is an infinate supply and that shortage is just in your imagination. More fortune is coming your way, so don't worry about money.

The angels ask you to immediately start working on your life purpose. The time has come to finish unfinished projects. Make room in your agenda to work on your real priorities.

God and the Spirit insist you to carry through this change. They assure you that the transmition will be harmonious in every way. And that you and your loved-ones are constantly helped. Let go and let God help you in this time of change.

Keep thinking of a positive ending in your time of change. Although you do not know what the future has got in store for you, be assured everything is going to get better. Stay positive towards your resolutions & goals.

Change is the only constant in life. Trust this truth and don't be afraid for changes you are making and experiencing. When a door closes, another one to something better will open

The illuminated people guide you open the way for changes you are making. Ask them for their loving power to "smooth" this transition.

The angels want to assure you that the changes you want to make or experiencing are the right choices. They are with you right now and they will keep supporting you through these changes.

Buckle up your seatbelt because you are experiencing or are about to experience massive, positive changes. It's time to let go of what is not working for you and heal or replace this with something better.

While you are experiencing this important and much needed change, you will receive new blessing & opportunies. All your need will be fulfilled in this transition.

 This change will bring you on your godly path. Trust there is a positive "trend", even-though you can't see where it is going yet.

Your financial situation will make a change for the better. You should call on the angels frequently for support on this financial matter. Follow their advise in paying your bills & loans. They will lead you to a better fnancial situation.

Your life is becoming more stable and your view of life is getting more clearer on a daily basis. Accept this fully & direct and give all you got, because this is the time for you and your life purpose.

The Creator will help you with material matters. You are being reminded you first have to look for Gods Kingdom and that the rest will be given to. Focus your heart & mind on heaven  and know you will always be provided in your wants & needs.

Bless you! Namaste. xxx @ High Frequency

Thank you for reading this post.
More numbers of angels coming up this weekend, so stay tuned!

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