01 April 2012

40 Healing/Health Affirmations

  1. The life force now shines through every cell in my body.I am energized with good health in a miraculous way
  2. I am in harmony with myself and all that is. Every cell in my body is filled with love and light
  3. Every day in every way I am becoming healthier and healthier
  4. I release all negative influence to all people and all things, and the love I give is reflected by my radiant good health
  5. I give thanks that the condition of ___________ is now reversed by the Light of the Universe flowing through every cell in my body
  6. I give thanks that the cure is upon me and I go forth to be loving and giving under Grace in a perfect way
  7. I see clearly, I hear clearly, I act decisively.The obstacles in my body are dissolved and i go forth with love and light
  8. I forgive all pain and suffering and its causes. I am released from cause and effect and accept the peace of Divine Grace upon me
  9. I release myself (my family, my friends [can name them individually]) into the hands of love.
  10. I am the love in all things.
  11. I have no need to hold on to anything because I am the love in all things.
  12. It is safe for me to let go of all worry and just reveal the love that I am.
  13. It is okay for me to just be.
  14. I let go of all responsibility except the responsibility to be love.
  15. I trust in the power of love to heal my body.
  16. I trust in the love given to me by my doctors (family, friends, etc.) to help my body heal itself.
  17. I let go of all worry about the future, knowing that as I yield to love, the very best things possible will happen.
  18. I have no need to worry about anyone or anything. I can just be.
  19. When I feel afraid, I love my fear.
  20. When I feel anxious, I love my anxiety.
  21. When I start to feel that I need to be in control, I love my feeling that I need to be in control.
  22. I am not afraid of any of my feelings. I love all my feelings.
  23. All my feelings are trying to help me get well. I include them in love so that I may truly get well.
  24. I am thankful for all the opportunities I have to learn the lessons of love.
  25. I find it easier and easier each day to let go and just be love.
  26. I let go of all worry about what I should or should not do, and simply let myself know what is right for me to do moment by moment.
  27. I know that I am being guided and that I cannot do the "wrong" thing.
  28. I let the power of love heal me.
  29. I no longer need to be in control of my healing process.
  30. The more I let go, the more powerful I am.
  31. The less I TRY to take responsibility, the more responsible I AM.
  32. I can just relax about everything that has been worrying me, and enjoy the process of healing.
  33. The more I let go, the more alive I am.
  34. The more I let go, the healthier I am.
  35. I trust my body's urge to heal. I don't have to make it get well. All I have to do is support it.
  36. As I yield to love, my body feels better and better.
  37. I now release all negative thoughts I've picked up from others (through my medical treatment, etc.)
  38. I allow new life to move in my heart [can name any area needing healing].
  39. I receive the energy of my essence.
  40. Each cell of my body receives the healing light of my essence.
Good luck! If you have any comments/questions at all, I would be glad to answer them. 

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