26 April 2012

Writing your own personal Affirmations

The simplest way to change your old attitudes to life is by repeating positive Affirmations. Any positive statement can be an affirmation, but the wording of the affirmation needs to follow the rules for affirmations if it is to work.

Basic rules for positive Affirmations;
How do I know when I have the right words for an affirmation ?

Powerfull Affirmations focus on 1 core believe,

For example;

Personal Identity

Targeted behaviour
Personal Capability
Rules for living

The right phrase will bring to mind a clear image of yourself doing whatever it is you want to do and feeling good about doing it. It must make you feel good about yourself or your situation.

It must be expressed in positive terms, not negative
(not 'I will not get angry'. better: 'I am in control at all times')

It must be in the present tense
(not 'I will be confident', Better: 'I am confident') Avoid words like "can, will, should, could".

It must be about you
(not 'Chris will love me'. Better: 'I constantly find ways to make Chris happy')

It must be simple
Use your normal way of speaking and use short punchy words.

It should be concrete and specific
(not 'I want to sell more'. Better 'I am good at showing how my product meets the client's needs')

It must fit your goals
To work, the affirmation must be something you actually want. If you want to be successful but are afraid of being criticized then the two wants conflict and the affirmation will not succeed.

You will know when it is right because it will feel right to you.
Think about what you want to change. 
It will be one of your core beliefs about;

Who You Are
How You Behave
What You Can Do
How you should live
What you expect from others
What the world is like

Example Affirmations;
  • I am a loving, special, talented person
  • My name is [name], I am caring, smart, and people like me.
  • I am a do-it-now kinda person, so that's what I do.
  • Every customer is a chance for me to show my service skills.
  • I treat everyone I meet as a potential life long friend.
  • Today I will do one more thing towards getting my new house.
  • Thinking about my past just makes me stronger.
  • Noticing my little daily successes shows my confidence is growing.
  • Thinking about the exam makes me more determined to pass.
  • I accept whatever life brings.
  • I make mistakes, but I learn from them.
  • I am unique and special, there has never been anyone else exactly like me, and so I welcome every day as a new beginning.
  • Everyone I meet has a smile for me.
  • There is always a way, and it is right in front of me.
  • The world is full of golden opportunities and helpful people.

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