26 April 2012

20 Progress Affirmations

  1. Today, I will concentrate on taking one step forward, however small
  2. I am getting wealthier each day
  3. I get excited when I encounter challenges, it means I am making progress!
  4. I put my own full faith in small, sure steps.
  5. I move forward eagerly, while embracing the now
  6. My life-choices are made on the basis of who and what I want to become (and am becoming, through these choices).
  7. I learn from every situation I encounter
  8. In everyway, In everyday, I am getting better and better.
  9. I leap to my next level of learning and skill with lighthearted assurance.
  10. I celebrate the joyful, certain power of relentless incrementalism as I create my good life.
  11. I am ready to progress today and meet all of my goals set for myself.
  12. I know and act on the power of relentless incrementalism in every area of life.
  13. I prosper in every direction I turn in.
  14. I am moving forward NOW!
  15. I will commit myself to taking small steps and applaud myself with each step I reach
  16. Everything is getting better every day.
  17. I can face every challange that comes my way.
  18. I am strong, focussed and I am moving straight to my goal(s).
  19. I am organized, target bounded and a team player.
  20. I love my work, and am very commited to my efforts.

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