26 April 2012

Using Affirmations to lose Weight

Positive affirmations can keep you from slipping and taking the path of temptation that has prevented you from being able to lose weight in the past. All it takes is the integration of this technique into your weight-loss plan. The great part of this is that positive affirmations work with any weight loss plan from the ones that you purchase to the ones that you come up with on your own. This system will compliment any way that you choose to lose weight.

Step 1

Get yourself a notebook or journal to keep track of your positive affirmation to lose weight with. This book needs to be small enough to keep on you at all times. A positive affirmation is only as powerful as often as you think about it. That is why having a book with it written in it will help you to keep you on track for the weight loss goals that you have for yourself.

This book does not have to be anything expensive. Truthfully a simple spiral notebook will work. There is however a good deal to be said about buying a nice looking book that portrays your personality. When the book shows that you have taken the special care to choose it and it represents you, then it will be even more powerful as a weight-loss tool.

Step 2

Create two positive statements that are an affirmation of what you want to accomplish when do lose weight. These could be as simple as I am healthy or I wear a size 4 pants. Yes, these statements need to be written like you have already accomplished your weight loss goals. The mind is a very powerful tool and positive affirmations harness this power to get you to where you want to be. By saying in your statements like you have accomplished your goal, you will convince your mind that you are definitely going to achieve this goal.

You can use more then 2 positive affirmations. The reason that two is the suggested number is that it is very easy to remember 2 statements when you need to. If you get to elaborate with your statements when you need them to help you to lose weight. It will also make it easier to repeat the statements quickly when your strength to follow through with your plans falter.

Step 3

Write the 2 positive affirmations on a piece of paper and tape them to your bathroom mirror. This is so that your positive view on the fact that you will lose weight will be the first thing that you see every morning. When the thought is right in front of you, you will be more likely to pay attention to it and keep the fact that you want to lose weight fresh in your mind as you go through the tasks of your day.

Step 4

Write your positive affirmations on the inside cover of the book that you are going to carry with you. This will be used as a journal of sorts as you go through your weight loss journey. Every time you go to write in your journal, you will look at these statements and read them. The repeating of the statements will help to strengthen your commitment to lose weight.

Step Five

Whenever you feel the urge to cheat on your diet, all you have to do is to look in your journal and repeat those lines to yourself a couple of times. You can repeat this saying this statemthat you hae ent through out the day to yourself to keep yourself on the weight loss journey that you have planned.

Step 6

As you start to lose weight and attain some of your weight loss goals, you will want to revisit your positive affirmations. When you reevaluate your statements, you will want to see if they carry the same powerful meaning that they once did to help you to lose weight. As you progress on any journey, your goals can often change. It may be a good idea to evaluate your goals once a month to just get a good feel of where you are at in terms of your weight loss and how much farther you have to go to reach your larger goal.

Step 7

You can add to the strength of your positive affirmations 10 to 20 times a day in your journal. This can be done through out the your road to lose weight. The more often that you follow this practice, the more powerful the words that you write will be. To lose weight, you need to strengthen yoru will to follow the weight loss plan that you have chosen. This step will help to do this for you.

Positive affirmations can be used to achieve anything that you want in life, not just the goal to lose weight. There is no secret to the power that can be harnessed with this simple technique. As the pounds and inches start to melt away, it will be easy to understand why this has become a world wide phenomenom. Once you have successfully lost the weight that you have dreamed about, what will you use your secret for next? The sky is the limit when you have the tools at your disposal to get what you hae always dreamed about.

Good luck! If you have any questions about above don't hesitate to contact me! 

Hugs & Kisses,
Sabine @ High Frequency

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