28 June 2012

Baby Swans

A few weeks ago we "stumbled on" a Mummy & Daddy Swan,  with their Swan children. They had 5 little ones. 2 weeks later, I "spotted" them again, bicycling home from work at night. Unfortunately they where only 2 little Swans left. I was able to take another picture, although Daddy Swan didn't like it when I came near, he let me anyway, because I kept very quit. Yesterday I saw them again, and was able to take a better picture. Isn't Mother Nature amazing? They grew a lot since a few weeks and allready look like very strong birds. I think Mum & Dad are doing an amazing job too.....look at the first picture, how he is changing position, he is abviously protecting his Family :-)

And do you notice, in the second picture, how the mother is "shielding" her little ones, with her wing. That's good parenting I say!

Just wanted to share this little story with you. Have a wonderful day and till next time!

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