03 July 2012

30 Wealth Affirmations

  1. “I choose to be financially independent.”
  2. “When I stop worrying about money, more of it comes into my life.”
  3. “My financial situation is improving every single day.”
  4. “I deserve to be wealthy and I know it will happen soon.”
  5. “ I choose to acknowledge that wealth is all around me and already in my life.”
  6. “I can feel more money flowing to me easily on a daily basis.”
  7. “I do not place any limits on my earning potential. I can make as much money as I want or need.”
  8. “I release my fears and doubts about my financial status.”
  9. “I appreciate money for the freedom it gives me and the things it can provide.”
  10. “I choose to work hard and let money come to me because I have earned it.”
  11. “The universe gives me what I need and I am very grateful for that.”
  12. I love living as though I have plenty of money.”
  13. “Money always comes to me with perfect timing.”
  14. “I am comfortable having large sums of money.”
  15. “I always have more than enough money.”
  16. “Worrying about money is pointless, I always have a little more than I need.”
  17. “I choose faith over worry, starting right now.”
  18. “I am a money magnet!”
  19. “Money is magnetically draw it to me.”
  20. “Money comes to me in unexpected ways.”
  21. “I have the power to make as much money as I wish.”
  22. “I love providing for my family and create a feeling of stability.”
  23. “I love spending money on things that create joy and goodness in the world.”
  24. “I know money will always be there when I need it.”
  25. “Money is always flowing into my life, and I choose to allow it, daily.”
  26. “I'm grateful for every euro, and I know that more money will always find it's way to me.”
  27. “I use money to buy things that make me and others happy.”
  28. “I enjoy the happiness money can provide, but I am happy no matter what.”
  29. “I release any desperation about money and choose to open myself to the possibilities of endless cash flow.”
  30. "I deserve to be wealthy and be free of debt."

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