11 June 2012

Some Marriage Affirmations

I deserve to be loved fully and completely
I only believe the best about myself
I am now magnetizing an exciting sexual relationship
My marriage is strong, happy, and passionate.
I accept my body as it is now and i am confident sharing it in a sexual way
My marriage is full and loving, caring, compassionate and happy
I am a loving wife that shows my husband love and appreciation everyday
I am in a joyous intimate relationship with someone who truely loves me
I now attract love, romance and joy and all the good that life has to offer me
I am surrounded by love from my spouse
I am in a loving passionate relationship
i am becoming more and more attractive everyday
Love and romance happens. I release the need for love and romance and instead allow it to find me the in the perfect time-space sequence
My husband has found inner peace and happiness and loves being married to me as much as i love being married to him!
I am life, I am true asset in my marriage , family and home.
My marriage is passionate, loving, and fulfilling on all levels.
My husband and I have a solid relationship that gets stronger everyday!
I will have an endless, happy marriage

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