04 March 2012

Affirmation Tips

Using daily positive self esteem affirmations is a powerful technique for improving your life and your view of yourself.To get the most out of your affirmations follow these easy tips. Before you know it, you will have transformed yourself and your life to reflect your true inner radiance.

Say your affirmations out loud. 
It's a well known Sound Healing concept that the power of spoken words are much stronger than just thinking affirmations or writing them down.

Say them in the morning and in the evening, every day. 
Say them as often as you can, preferably at least three times a day. Repeatedly bringing your thoughts back to the power of positive thoughts will "reprogram" your thinking, so that you are vibrating in accordance with positive self esteem.

Pick an affirmation that really feels right for you.
If one on the list is almost perfect, but you want to change a word, do it! The effects will be strongest if you are in complete alignment with what you are saying.

Commit to trying out an affirmation for a minimum of three months. 
It can take some time for the universe to catch up with your new feelings of self worth. Don't stop too soon! Ideally we all would say positive affirmations every single day.

Really allow yourself to "feel" your desired outcome.
Imagine improved self-confidence and how that will affect how others react towards you. Imagine respect, deeper friendships, or better relations at work. Whatever your goal for manifesting a higher self-image, allow yourself to feel the confidence as though you already have it. It will make your affirmations that much more powerful. 

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