16 February 2012

27 Strong Self-Esteem Affirmations

  1. I Love Myself
  2. I am a Happy, Positive Person
  3. I Am Worthy
  4. I'm Capable of Creating and Maintaining a Great Life
  5. I Deserve to Have a Great Life
  6. I am Beautiful Inside and Out
  7. I'm Capable of Changing My Life for the Better
  8. I'm Worthy of Being Treated Well
  9. I'm Worthy of a Great Life
  10. I Am a Divine Being of Light
  11. My Family Loves and Supports Me &
  12. My Friends are Always There For Me
  13. I Am Creative and Interesting
  14. I Am Perfect Just the Way I Am
  15. I Can Change My Life Story Whenever I Want
  16. I Am Strong & Happy
  17. I Am Secure, Confident, Creative & Intelligent
  18. I Am Attractive & Interesting
  19. I Have a Good Circle of Friends
  20. I am a Caring Person with Lots of Friends who Care about Me
  21. I Accept Myself for Who I Am
  22. I Can Trust and Rely on Myself
  23. I am Fully Competent and Capable & I am Extremely Successful in all of my Ventures
  24. My Worth as a Human Being is Unconditional & I am Respected and Well-Liked by all the People That I Know
  25. People Like to Be Around Me
  26. I Create My Own Reality & I have Healthy Personal Boundaries
  27. Everyone is Special, Including Me

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