28 March 2012

Some Motivational Affirmations

A handful of Motivational Affirmations, for daily use;.
  • I feel motivated and am moving in the direction of my dreams.
  • I have unlimited creativity, drive and motivation.
  • I am motivated to continue persuing my goals.
  • New opportunities are showing up daily and I am motivated to take action towards those opportunities.
  • I feel alive, energized and motivated to take on any task in front of me.
  • I am continually motivated and share that motivation with others.
  • Motivation comes easily to me.
  • Staying motivated comes easily to me.
  • Because of my motivation, I achieve and exceed at all that I do.
  • I am so motivated that others get motivated just by being around me.
  • I attract those that help me reach my goals.
  • I am motivated and live my life to the fullest.
  • My life is full of purpose and motivation.
  • I have unlimited energy and motivation.
  • I am happy and motivated when I achieve my goals.
  • I am easily motivated.
  • I easily stay motivated toward my dreams.
  • I stay motivated and energized when working toward my goals.
  • I wake up motivated and ready to face the day.
  • I am confident in what I do and that keeps me motivated..

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