26 January 2012

Crystals: Colors & Chakra

Color is the most noticable quality of the Crystal. The color is often the 1st thing that attracts us to Crystals. Our attention is drawn to the clear green color of the emerald for example. Colors can influence us on an emotional & fysical level, the color blue green of the sea, gives our body & mind peace. The Color Spectrum is good to understand hoe different energies in our body work.
Healing with Color
If you hang a shuttle from polished/smoothed glas in your Window, your walls will be filled with dancing rainbows who show the seven budding colors of the spectrum;
The white light that splices in all colors is the only part of the spectrum that is visible voor us. Some animals, for instance; Insects, can also see infra-red & ultra-violet waves. In Ancient Egypte, Healers choose a medicine for their patience based on the color of their complaint.Red stood for blood, purple for bruises, yellow for jaundice.
Wearing Clothes or Jewelry was associeted with having a desease. For example; If you had a bad blood circulation, you had to wear the color red. Around the 20th Century Sciencetists started experimenting with light waves. They noticed that red & orange waves where warmer, and blue & purple waves where cooler. 
Nowadays light rays are used in laser-vorm with operations and to close/repair damaged tissue. 
The Chakra System
A few thousand year ago, in India, a Body was classified in 7 levels, who each corresponded with a certain part of the body and come together in a Chakra/Wheel. According to this believe the White Light of the Universal Energy penetrates the crown of the head, and then changes Frequency through each of the seven Color Chakras, from violet  (head) to Red. (beneath the backbone) This old method is nowadays stil used all over the World with Yoga & Healing.

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