21 January 2012

7 Powerful Work-Affirmations

  1. I do not allow chaos to get the best of me. I am calm and in control of my emotions.
  2. Disorder cannot steal my peace because my peace comes from above and not from my surroundings.
  3. I am fully in control of my reactions
  4. I believe that my actions are a representation of what is in my heart. Therefore, I fill my heart with positive things. My heart overflows with wisdom, joy, peace, love, and faith. 
  5. When a difficult situation arises, I know what to do because I am resourceful. I think outside the box and work toward solutions. 
  6. I am resilient under pressure. Staying motivated is the key to my success. My goals are clear and I make sure that all my actions bring me closer to my goals. I strive to live a life with no regrets.
  7. I keep things in perspective, reminding myself that this too shall pass. By keeping the big picture in mind I can overcome any storm.
I will keep posting all kinds of daily Affirmations.....I hope you find them useful.

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@ High Frequency

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