07 March 2013

The Season of Spring is here! ♥

The season of spring ,
weather seems to sing 
lovely lovely days 
are coming our ways
the season of spring 
blooming blossoming 
of nature of all kind 
let roots unbind
the season of spring 
birds unfold their wings 
diving high into sky 
wish one could fly
the season of spring 
careful hearts love sting 
reaching out towards others 
some persons might bother
the season of spring 
nice sound bells ring 
new wave new style 
faces have on a smile
the season of spring 
a new awakening 
busy humanity on earth 
as if it’s a new birth
listen listen to my words 
the season of spring is near 
now a look into your lovely eyes 
and one can see 
spring is already here.
♥ Season's Greetings ♥

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