01 January 2013

Daily New Year's Affirmations ♥

  • This year I AM the person I came to the planet to be!
  • In 2013, I AM the change I want to see in my world!
  • This year, I AM a miracle in motion!
  • In 2013, I AM bigger than my doubts, bolder than my fears, and stronger than my obstacles!
  • This year I challenge my paradigms to prove their worth and I change those paradigms that fail the test.
  • In 2013  I choose to live in the sunshine of my possibilities, rather than the shadows of my doubt.
  • This year my life is built on choices, not chances!
  • In 2013, I breathe in every experience life has to offer and exhale a life well-lived!
  • This year I AM the engine of my dreams!
  • In 2013, my life is what I make of it and I choose to make it a _____ place to be!
  • This year I follow my bliss! This year I experience my bliss! This year I become my bliss!
  • In 2013, I am an abundance multiplier! As I succeed, I help others succeed too!
  • My life belongs to me! This year I begin anew!
  • Forget Resolutions! In 2013, I’m having a thought revolution!
  • This year I have a budget and I’m sticking to it!
  • In 2013, I CHOOSE  a love centered world over a a fear centered world!
  • 2013 is MY year! My possibilities multiply, my successes magnify, and my potential is realized!
  • As I turn my face to 2013, a brilliant new Sun dawns in my life!
  • An amazing light lives within me! My light grows brighter and brighter throughout 2013!
  • 2013 brings the perfect people and the perfect opportunities into my life!
  • My personal recession ends in 2013! My career/business is zooming to new heights!
  • My immune system is healthy, strong, and protecting me in 2013!
  • This year I am flawlessly executing my business plan!
Stay Inspired! 

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