02 December 2012

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter

The autumn is now
covered road with leaf
and I see orange color in every tree is not hot or cold
I still can feel my finger
because its not winter
where every snow freeze your bone
This is autumn
I`m in love and mellow
I`m in love and broken
eat my marshmallow
which I baked on the fire
drink that milk
which I serve it from last year This is my autumn
I`m not drink any wine
because I`m still too young
I`m not eat any turkey
cause I don`t want to be fat
and I don`t like it taste
The autumn is over
they clean up the road from the leaf
there are beer and ginger cake
instead of turkey and wine
good bye autumn
And welcome for winter
say hello to Mr and Mrs snow
this is your chance
to freeze us for well

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